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The People’s “John”—Restroom

January 22, 2010

You’re in the vicinity of the Watergate (New Hampshire and Virginia Avenues, NW) or in the lower portion of Foggy Bottom and have an “emergency.”  Fear not, a restroom is close at hand and a classy one at that. Try using the restrooms at the Kennedy Center. Recently I was in Foggy Bottom and had to use the ladies’ room. I didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me…I’m close to the Kennedy Center and isn’t this the “people’ s center” anyway? I walked right in like I belonged and headed to the restroom on the Terrace level. Once there I was lost. But a friendly KC employee asked if she could help me and then pointed me toward the restrooms. I walked through a large hall and then down a corridor and there they were. I opened the door and wow! Be still  my heart–a makeup area with seats and further inside a large area with sinks and stalls (about eight). Very clean, well-lit and very well stocked with paper towels. (Perhaps paper towels are not  environmentally friendly, but if I was attending a concert and reasonably well-attired, the last thing I’d want is water dripping on my clothes because the dryers weren’t powerful enough.)

The Kennedy Center has many restrooms from which to choose, so don’t’ worry. Take your pick and then be on your way.

Theatre Restrooms: Not Too Bad—Restroom

December 10, 2009

Woolly Mammoth—the bathrooms may be the best thing about the new theatre.  Veteran subscribers may remember when the old Woolly bathroom shared space with the theatre washing machine.  The new theatre is home to a brightly colored restroom, plenty of stalls—all with working toilets and doors that lock, lots of sinks and mirrors with tons of light so one can be sure she’s ready for her close-up.

Shakespeare Theatres:

Lansburgh—now the Grande dame of theatres in DC proper, the theatre’s architects thought ahead when it came to restroom planning. There are a number of stalls, all with working toilets and doors that lock. Yes, there could be more sinks and a tad more light, but there is a separate area to touch up one’s makeup.

Harmon—it’s surprising that there aren’t restrooms on both levels of the theatre. The restroom that is available does have ample number of stalls, working toilets and doors that lock. It also has much more light than its older sister, the Lansburgh.

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