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DGS Delicatessen: Noshingly Good—Restaurant Nugget

February 24, 2013

DGS, a new-age, non-kosher deli, is a more than welcome addition to the DuPont Circle community. It might not serve up the exact kind of food as your Bubba or Katz’s, but what it does prepare is tasty and plentiful.DGS

Chef Barry Koslow’s menu is familiar and new at the same time. Yes, you can order the traditional DGS Reuben, but if you’re a vegetarian like me, you can dine on the Grilled Eggplant Reuben—made with eggplant, emmenthaler cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and rye bread. This was to die for. The combination of ingredients was mouth-wateringly good. My dining companion tried the Israeli…hummus, cucumber salad, pickled beets, sprouts, feta and pumpernickel.  She ate every crumb on her plate. The couple on one side of me ordered the DGS Cobb Salad…avocado, corned beef, blue cheese, gribenes, mixed greens and champagne vin. Although they were shocked by the enormous portion, that didn’t stop them from eating the whole thing. The couple on the other side tried the Knishes…lamb merguez , lentil and raisin mustard. They downed ever morsel.  A friend has been there several times. She thought the Warm DGS Pastrami was a tad too smoky, but loved the Challah French Toast and don’t get her started on the Flanken… beef short ribs braised with Tunisian spices, figs, spinach and fresh mint.

And the pickles? OMG! DGS brines its pickles on the premises and they are as God intended…sour and wonderful.

DGS does serve dessert. While they all sound intriguing, my friends and I have not gotten past the Teiglach… Hungarian Doughnuts with toasted almonds. The portion is huge and they are absolutely DELICIOUS.

You’ll also find a full complement of cocktails, soft drinks, wine and beer. I plan to try at least one of each on future visits.  And there will be future visits. The fabulous food is matched by the terrific wait-staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable, but not intrusive.

You might stop in for a nosh, but you’ll be back for more.  Mazel tov, DGS!

1317 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 202.293.4400, open seven days a week

Barnes&Noble: A Best Friend—Books/Restroom

March 4, 2010

Barnes & Noble has it all and the books are just the least of it.

I frequent two Barnes & Nobles–the store on 12th and  E Street NW and the one in Georgetown. I often use them for their restrooms before hopping on the bus or subway. When it’s cold out, before heading for my bus, I usually grab a cup of coffee to go. Both are also great places to kill time before heading to the E Street movies or the AMC theaters in Georgetown.

Let’s start with their restrooms. They are clean, albeit small, and well-stocked and they have changing stations for children.

Now move on to the snack/WiFi areas. WiFi is free and beverages are from Starbucks. Both Barnes & Nobles in question have ample seating, although the setup is different in each. In Georgetown there is bar-like seating facing the windows with room to set up a laptop directly in front of you or read a magazine. There are many tables for two or four people. The 12th Street store’s eating/reading area is smaller, but somehow it feels larger. There are plenty of tables.  Both stores seemingly let you stay there forever…doing homework, reading or just relaxing.

Feel smarter…peruse the books and magazines…use the restroom…kick back with a beverage. Barnes & Noble has it all. I love them.

555 12th Street NW, Washington, DC  202.347.0176

3040 M Street NW, Washington, DC  202.965.9880

Alliance Forged: Alliance Tavern—Restaurant

January 11, 2010

A welcome change/addition has come to the corner of Macomb and Wisconsin Avenue NW—Alliance Tavern. The former Enology has reinvented itself into a cut–above neighborhood tavern. In a neighborhood that seems to fight business development at every turn, this is great news.

Alliance continues with the same wine offerings as Enology, but now has an extensive list of microbrews and full, varied menu as well. Although the current winter menu will be changing and expanding, present dishes are varied, ranging from salads to chili to sandwiches to burgers to steak to chicken strips to fish and chips to penne  to fries and more. There’s even a kids’ menu. Hungry yet? In my recent visit, I had a yummy  caprese sandwich  with basil pesto, mozzarella, roasted tomato served on delicious brioche (all sandwiches are served on brioche) and my friend dined on Potomac cioppino made of local fresh fish, shrimp and clams. We both shared the gigantic portion of tasty fries that came with my sandwich.

For you sports nuts, there’s plenty of flat-screens—seemingly as many as the eye can see. The bar looks ample and friendly. And the best news? Alliance will soon be open for lunch and brunch. Stay tune for more details. In the meantime, welcome to my ‘hood.

Alliance Tavern, 3238 Wisconsin Ave NW(at Macomb St.)Washington, DC 20016 3238 Wisconsin Ave NW


Kababji Grill: M’m! M’m! Good—Restaurant

December 13, 2009

Mouth-watering Kabob has come to DuPont Circle. Kababji Grill, born in Beirut, Lebanon, serves up delicious food at inexpensive prices. You can order take-out, but if you can spare the time for a sit-down lunch, the dining experience is well worth it. The restaurant is spacious and full of light and the service attentive and friendly. When you walk in you’ll see the grilling section on the left and a full bar to the right. My friend and I shared an order of hummus served with wonderfully seasoned pita chips. She ordered the Halabi Kabab; ground lean lamb seasoned with the house-blend of spices and chopped parsley wrapped in a pita with hummus and pickles. I’m vegetarian and ordered the Portabella Mushroom Kabab which was marinated in imported extra-virgin olive oil wrapped in a pita with Romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and garlic paste. We practically licked our plates clean, the food was that good.

1351Connecticut Avenue, NW  202.822.8999

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