DC is Full of Nuggets

This is a blog about my take on life in DC. Want to know where to find a public bathroom? You’ll find it here. What movies should you see, what plays are worth your hard-earned dollars and what’s new…and old in restaurants…you’ll find reviews on all. Plus there’s my own humorous (I hope) unique views on living in DC.

What’s with the squirrel?

When my niece was ten, she came from Kansas to visit me. We went to the White House, the Capitol, the Kennedy Center…did all of the tourist things. But what was her take-away, the thing she remembered the most about her visit?  Squirrels. She had never seen so many squirrels. She was right. But unless you live in DC or spend a lot of  time here, you wouldn’t know how huge the squirrel population is or how much a part of the DC landscape they are, just like the White House, the Capitol, monuments and politicians.

So, if you live in DC or have friends coming to DC I hope you’ll check out my very own DC nuggets.

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