Freer Sackler: Welcome Relief From the Mall—Restroom

The Freer Sackler Gallery has many restrooms from which to choose, depending upon where you are in the Gallery. On this particular afternoon I was going to see a film in the Gallery’s Meyer Auditorium. Entering the Gallery from Independence Avenue, and after having my purse inspected, I made my way to the closest restroom near the guard. On a hot, humid August day, this room provided a refreshing break—cool and light—just what the doctor ordered.Freer Sackler

The restroom has four stalls and one handicapped booth, all with automatic flushers. There are four sinks, each with soap dispensers and a wall of mirrors above the sinks. The room has two paper towel dispensers and, for a change, there is no waving of hands or other gyrations necessary—you just pull the paper. At 1:30 p.m. the restroom was still neat and fully stocked. The room has a changing table and a little couch on which to sit.

This is a great place to be before partaking in some culture in other parts of the Gallery, attending one of the Gallery’s movies or just taking a break from the heat.

Freer Sackler 1050 Independence Ave SW,Washington, DC



2 Responses to “Freer Sackler: Welcome Relief From the Mall—Restroom”

  1. missfit101 Says:

    Wow…I have never been to DC, but you make me want to live there! You’ve really got everything covered, great job. I miss squirrels…used to live in Ohio, but never see them much out here in LA.


    • Joan Fuchsman Says:

      I guess I always took the squirrels for granted until my niece mentioned them and then I realized we do have tons of them. I used to wait for a shuttle bus near Farrugut Square in the heart of the city and I joked with people that some days I felt like I was Snow White walking through the forest, there were so many of them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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