2 Guns: Two is Better than One—Movie

Cattle stampedes, sharpshooting, torture by bull (yes, you read that correctly), double-crosses and likeable leads—“2 Guns” has them all. What it doesn’t have is a straight-forward plot, but for a summer film, it’s engaging fun.  Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, with screenplay by Blake Masters, based on Steven Grant’s Boom! Studios graphic novels, “2 Guns” is a good old-fashion buddy movie with enough twists to keep you on your toes to the very end.2 Guns

Denzel Washington plays undercover DEA agent Bobby and Mark Wahlberg is undercover Navy intelligence officer Stig. They are working together to bring down a drug lord, Papi (Edward James Olmos), by robbing the bank where he stores his money. The catch?  Neither one knows that the other is an undercover agent. And when they rob that bank they end up getting way more than that for which they bargained. Sometimes it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

Washington and Wahlberg have terrific chemistry and share some laugh out loud banter. That genial camaraderie is what makes “2 Guns” fun, even when you might not have any idea of what is happening.

There are two constants throughout the film. You’ll frequently hear a variety of characters ask, “where’s the money?”  or  “where’s my money?” That question really drives the plot as forward as it’s ever going to get. The other constant is the use of old cars—a beat up Chevy Impala and both Dodge and Ford pickup trucks. Boy, do they get a workout and these unglamorous vehicles really deliver.

“2 Guns” boasts a terrific secondary cast led by Edward James Olmos and James Marsden. At one point Olmos’ character is told that he “looks like a grizzled Albert Einstein” and that description is spot on. Marsden, in military-style shorn hair, is really good as the Stig’s coniving superior. Paula Patton is great as the conflicted cop who is sort of involved with Bobby. Bill Paxton, Fred Ward and Robert John Burke round out the rest of the film’s excellent supporting actors.

But “2 Guns” would be just one more run-of-the-mill “boys with guns” movie without Washington and Wahlberg.  Their way with each other and the dialogue takes the film to a higher level. If they ever decide to do a sequel, they can count me in.

2 ¾ nuggets out of 4


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2 Responses to “2 Guns: Two is Better than One—Movie”

  1. CMrok93 Says:

    Nice review Joan. It’s a very fun movie, even if it doesn’t do much to change the game of action-thrillers.


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