Starbuck: Way More than a Cupful of Fun—Movie

Starbuck is a wonderful comedy that is also smart with a heart as big as its star.

Directed by Ken Scott with screenplay by Scott and Martin Petit, this genial French-Canadian film revolves around lovable 40-something schlub, David Wozniak (Patrick Huard).  David comes from a close-knit family and works as a delivery man for the family’s butcher shop. His brothers view him as a loser and the opinion of his girlfriend Valérie (Julie LeBreton), isn’t much better. She’s  a police officer who loves him, but has grown tired of his shtick and breaks up with him, even though she is pregnant with his child. And that’s just for starters.starbuck poster

While in his 20s, to earn money, David became a sperm donor.  As the story opens, he learns that through a mistake made by the fertility clinic, he became the father of 533 children. 142 of them have filed a class action suit to find out the identity of their biological father, known only by the pseudonym, Starbuck.

Not knowing exactly what to do, David starts to do in-person research on some of his off-spring, to find out more about each. In doing so, he inserts himself into their lives without them knowing he is their father, but some kindly stranger instead.

Patrick Huard is absolutely perfect as David. The success or failure of this movie rests almost entirely on his shoulders.  If he had played the role for laughs, Starbuck would have been ruined. Thankfully Huard is able to walk the fine line between schmaltz, empathy and comedy without falling once.

Starbuck’s supporting cast is very strong. LeBreton is quite fabulous as David’s long-suffering girlfriend and Antoine Bertrand is terrifically funny as David’s best friend and lawyer.

Vince Vaughn will be starring in the Hollywood remake of Starbuck, set to release in October. It’s hard to believe it will be better than the original. Luckily for movie-goers, Ken Scott will be writing and directing the English adaptation.

Although Starbuck has laugh out loud moments, it’s ultimately a feel-good comedy that will have you leaving the theatre with a smile on your face.

4 nuggets out of 4


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