Chasing the Hill: Get Your Political Fix Here—Online Programming

Are you a political junkie? Need a political fix? Then you have to watch “Chasing the Hill.” It’s absolutely fantastic.

“Chasing The Hill” is a pay-per-view online series. Promos for the show compare it to “West Wing.” The program is in its infancy, but from what I’ve viewed so far, “Hill” is better, and that is saying something. Chasing the HIll

Produced by Richard Schiff (“West Wing”) and Brent Roske, with episodes written and directed by Roske, “Chasing the Hill” follows the story of California Congresswoman Kristi Ryan (Robin Weigert) who’s running for re-election against Samantha Clemmons (Melissa Fitzgerald), a self-made green energy millionaire. Along the way we’re introduced to various members of both candidates’ staffs, most especially Matthew Del Negro as Henry Walls, campaign strategist for the Congresswoman, brought in to help save her campaign.

What makes the series so much fun and compelling to watch is that it seems authentic. “Hill” takes us enough inside the inner workings of the campaign that we get to actually experience what it’s like to run a campaign, be the candidate and feel the strain on the family of those involved. The series’ dialogue is crisp and clever, but not overly so. It’s never preachy like so many shows can be (I’m looking at you, Aaron Sorkin). I can imagine actual people saying these words to one another. Adding to the realism is the inclusion of actual politicos ranging from former Governors Gray Davis and Ed Rendell of California and Pennsylvania respectively, to Democratic political operative Terry McAuliffe, to California Representative Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, all playing themselves while providing advice to and commenting about fictional characters. The way it’s done is just pitch perfect. Governor Rendell is particularly good in playing himself. In one episode, MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell (also a former producer/writer for “West Wing” as well as a former Senate staffer), plays an operative, not himself. He is terrific. I think he missed his calling.

“Chasing the Hill” shoots very creatively and inexpensively. Many of the scenes are filmed on location, including the Democratic Convention and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

I absolutely loved what I watched. If you have any interest in politics, or well-written and acted programming for that matter, “Chasing the Hill” is must see viewing.

For more information about the pay-for-view component, go to


4 nuggets out of 4

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