Ballston Macy’s: Martha Stewart’s Touch Needed—Restroom

Just got off at the Ballston Metro stop and need to use the restroom before an interview or engagement? You have a friend at Macy’s.  A quick elevator ride to the second floor and a trip to the back of the floor will bring you front and center to the ladies restroom the way God intended…large and full of mirrors. However that is where the fun ends.macy's

The good?

There are six sinks and three hand dryers and lots of mirrors. The sinks look brand new with a beautiful countertop on which to place your pocketbook.

The bad?

When you first enter the restroom area there is a huge lounge area, but where to sit? Where are the wall hangings? It’s dingy and features a yucky pink color scheme which carries into the stall and sink area. Macy’s…you carry Martha Stewart furnishings. Can’t you at least open up one of her books and use some of her decorating tips? And talk about bad branding. The changing table in the room is labeled “Hechts.” Oops.

Although there were eight stalls, only four were working. Also, the ventilation system was reverberating at such a fever pitch, it felt like a plane was going to land on the stalls. It made one feel very strange and if a pregnant woman was there, I think the vibrations would make her feel extremely uncomfortable or even bring on an early delivery.

However, the restroom area is convenient, clean and large. Sometimes that’s enough.

4238 Wilson Blvd.  Arlington, VA 22203


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