Joan Rivers at the Strathmore: Offensive, Foul and FUNNY

Joan Rivers: Where does the stamina come from? Does nothing embarrass you? How do you keep your material fresh? How do you manage to have any friends? Those are the four questions I want answered come Passover time.

In a sold-out performance and an audience of every race, gender and age, Joan Rivers took the stage at Strathmore’s Music Center Thursday, March 24, and  for 60 minutes brought on the zany and the profane. With the energy of a 25 year-old, the limber 77 year-old Rivers literally leapt on stage in some sort of gold and black ensemble and began insulting everyone near and far.

 And it was hilarious.

She began with her “can we talk?” and we were off to the races from there. Rivers is an equal opportunity offender. No one is off limits…not even her late husband. But to quote her,”grow up.”  With no notes, no breaks for sips of water, Rivers worked every part of the stage and even mimed sexual acts on the floor.

And it was hilarious.

Her potty mouth makes Sarah Silverman seem virginal. Whether it’s describing some of the men she’s “met”, talking about her friends’ children or ripping the celebrities she’s encountered in person or just watched over the years, she says what we think , only it’s a lot funnier coming from her.

Since her winning run on Celebrity Apprentice, Rivers’ career has been given new life. She’s the host and real wit on the weekly Fashion Police, her reality show with her daughter Melissa, Joan Knows Best has just been renewed, and her line of QVC jewelry remains a best-seller. But as her documentary, Joan Rivers, a Piece of Work showed, she works very hard at her craft. She didn’t wake up one day, snort tons of coke, utter two catch phrases in some sort of manic episode and have the keys to Radio City Music  Hall handed to her.  She’s earned every laugh she’s gotten and received more than her share of hard knocks along the way.

No gig is too small for Joan Rivers.  With the Strathmore she got the venue and the appreciative crowd she deserved.

And it was hilarious.

5301 Tuckerman Lane North Bethesda, MD 20852



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One Response to “Joan Rivers at the Strathmore: Offensive, Foul and FUNNY”

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    […] She was my idol…my hero. One of my biggest thrills was seeing her perform a few years ago at the Strathmore’s Music Center, outside DC. It was a packed house and she did not disappoint. She exceeded my expectations. […]


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