The Trip to Bountiful:Get on Board NOW—Theatre

The Roundhouse Theatre’s production of The Trip to Bountiful is a must-see for anyone who loves terrific acting, a wonderful script and just an all-round fabulous theatre experience.

Director Timothy Douglas has gathered as close to perfect an ensemble cast of actors that one can imagine and he does Horton Foote’s play proud. The fact that the cast, all but one, is  African-American is beside the point, other than giving actors a chance to shine. And shine they do.

There aren’t enough words of praise that one can heap on Lizan Mitchell as matriarch Carrie Watts who just wants to visit her Bountiful hometown once before she dies. Mitchell literally sparkles in her role. It’s as if the part was created just for her. It’s one of the most amazing performances that I have ever witnessed. But the rest of the Bountiful cast also astounds. Howard Overshown as Ludie Watts and China J. Hardy as his wife Jessie Mae feel like a real couple. As off-putting as Hardy’s character is, she makes you understand where Jessie Mae’s pain and anger comes from and that she is more than some disgruntled shrew. Jessica Frances Dukes is mesmerizing as Carry’s traveling companion, Thelma. Rounding out the cast is Doug Brown as the patient bus attendant and Lawrence Redmond as the empathetic Sheriff. Their parts are small, but important, and they both make the most out of them.

The Trip to Bountiful is one of the best productions to be staged in metropolitan DC in years. It’s a trip that should be taken immediately.

Runs through April 3

Round House Theatre  4545 East-West Highway  Bethesda, MD

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