Blue Valentine: Really Blue—Movie

Sometimes great acting can overcome a mediocre script and such is the case with Blue Valentine.

Written by Derek Cianfrance, Joey Curtis  and Cami Delavigne and directed by Cianfrance, Blue Valentine is the story of a marriage that has fallen apart. Cross-cutting between time periods we first see the marriage’s sad present and then flashback to its shy, romantic beginning. But what we never see is the middle…how the marriage ended up the way it did. How did it come to its present state? We can guess, but we never really know, and that is a huge missing piece. When the couple first meet, Dean (Ryan Gosling) is a happy go-lucky, not very ambitious blue-collar worker and Cindy (Michelle Williams) is a college student hoping to become a doctor. Dean is immediately smitten and Cindy is soon charmed by him. Then life enters.  More than that we never learn.

Thank goodness for Gosling and Williams who give a master class in acting as the mismatched couple. They are so terrific that we spend less time wondering about what’s missing than we would with lesser actors.  Also wonderful is Suri Cruise look-alike, Faith Wladyka, as their cute daughter, Frankie.

Gosling’s and Williams’ performances keep you interested and keep you rooting for them even though you know 15 minutes into the movie there is little hope for a happy ending. It’s their fabulous acting that will keep you glued to your seat and in reality, the only reason to see Blue Valentine

2 nuggets out of 4


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