The Tillman Story: A valiant effort to learn the truth—Movie

After you have seen The Tillman Story, you’ll leave the theatre with a feeling of disgust. Disgust with the military, disgust with the Bush administration and disgust with Congress. Then you’ll think about the Tillman family and want to personally thank them for their service to this country and apologize for the treatment they have received.

Directed by Amir Bar-Lev and written by Mark Monroe, with the cooperation of the Tillman family, The Tillman Story (first shown at the Sundance Film Festival) tells the horrifying tale of the Tillman family’s search for the truth about their son Pat’s death in Afghanistan. Bar-Lev’s conversations with Pat’s mom, Mary, his father Pat, brother Kevin who served with him in the Rangers and wife, Marie, are frank and heartbreaking.

Pat Tillman was a star football play for the Arizona Cardinals. He left  a career in the NFL and enlisted with the Army Rangers in 2002. The American public was told he enlisted immediately following the events of September 11. According to what he told friends and family, he joined the service because he thought it was the right thing to do. The whole September 11 thing was evidently the first of many lies to the public.

 Despite their best attempts, the Tillman family still doesn’t know all of the facts regarding their son/brother/husband’s death and probably never will. But what they do learn and what we learn through Bar-Lev’s eye-opening documentary is enough to rock you to your core. I needed a shower to wash away the stench.

3 ½ nuggets out of 4


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