The Switch: Good news about the boys—Movie

Sometimes it’s good to set your expectations low and be pleasantly surprised. Such is the case with The Switch, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

 Based on Jeffrey Eugenides’ short story, Baster, and directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, with screenplay by Allan Loeb, The Switch is the somewhat farfetched story of New York City television producer Kassie (Aniston) who decides to be artificially inseminated rather than waiting for Mr. Right to come along and let nature take its course. Instead of going the sperm bank route, she picks the donor, Roland (Patrick Wilson), from the Internet and holds a “Get Pregnant” party where the insemination will take place. Her neurotic best friend, Wally (Bateman), finds the whole idea repugnant (partly because he hasn’t been chosen as the donor), but comes to her party, and during the festivities drunkenly substitutes his specimen for Roland’s. Kassie becomes pregnant and moves home to Minnesota. Seven years later she’s back in New York with son Sebastian, who’s now 6 and resumes her friendship with Wally while pursuing a relationship with Roland. After mentally replaying the night of the party and noticing the unmistakable personality characteristics they share, Wally realizes that Sebastian is his son, but has a hard time deciding how to handle this information.

Aniston is fine, but this movie really belongs to Bateman. He’s likeable in a sometimes unlikable role. Bateman is one of Hollywood’s most reliable and underrated actors, but when given a chance to shine, he always comes through. His chemistry with Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) is terrific. Robinson isn’t the usual adorable child actor, but he is so very good, (although regardless of the ramblings of the woman on the bus, looks absolutely nothing like Bateman) there are times when you want to go through the screen and give him a hug. And singled out for praise must be Jeff Goldblum as Wally’s friend and colleague. After his unwatchable turn in this past season’s Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Goldblum seems to have his mojo back, and The Switch comes alive every time he’s on screen.

The Switch is fun and worth seeing for the performances of Bateman, Robinson and Goldblum.

3 nuggets out of 4

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2 Responses to “The Switch: Good news about the boys—Movie”

  1. rita Says:

    I really liked Jeff Golblum in L&O.


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