Uptown: A sad tribute to Kevin Costner—Restroom

As you make your way to the Uptown Theatre’s balcony restroom, you can’t help but notice the trail of Kevin Costner posters along the way. Very bizarre, you think to yourself. Inside the dark makeup area of the ladies’ room there’s a “Dancing with Wolves” poster. Also very bizarre. This area is huge, which is a waste since the light bulbs haven’t been changed or replaced in years, making it very hard to fix one’s makeup or see how bad or good one looks. Go inside the stall and sink area and you’ll notice the difference immediately. It’s bright and has the benefit of a window that looks directly out onto Connecticut Avenue (although not so close that those on the outside can see in). There are 5 narrow stalls, no hooks on the doors and two sinks. Sometimes the dryer works, sometimes it doesn’t. The entire ladies’ room  is decorated in Pepto-Bismol pink and just has a sad vibe to it. Kevin Costner deserves better.


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