A Fistful of Lemonade—Comedic Nugget

The BP oil spill in the Gulf is horrible.What’s happening to the people, the wildlife and economy is terrible and BP should be made to pay through the nose for what they have done.  But they say when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade.  Philippe Cousteau, you are my tall, tall drink of lemonade. Yikes! Where have you been hiding all these years? It’s awful, I know, but I find myself going from coverage to coverage in hopes of seeing him. I want this oil crisis resolved as much as the next person…but what will I do without him? What about the levels of lead in the DC water supply? Our President drinks, showers and bathes from this water. I think Philippe needs to come to DC stat and cover this potential crisis.


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One Response to “A Fistful of Lemonade—Comedic Nugget”

  1. rita Says:

    Very funny. Is he Jacques’ son?


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