The Secret in Their Eyes—Movie

Most people in the “know” expected A Prophet to receive the Academy Award for best foreign movie, so there was genuine shock when the Argentinean film, The Secret in Their Eyes was awarded the prize. However, once you actually see this film, you won’t be surprised. The Secret in Their Eyes is the perfect blend of story, acting and humor.

Written by Eduardo Sacheri (based on his novel of the same name) and Juan José Campanella and directed by Campanella, The Secret in Their Eyes is the story of retired detective Benjamín Esposito’s (Ricardo Darín) efforts to solve completely a disturbing rape and murder case once and for all. He’s written a novel based on this case and takes his draft to his former boss, Irene, (Soledad Villamil), (and due to circumstances of class, someone he has loved from afar for 25 years) for her input. Writing this novel renews both their interest in the case and in each other.

Part procedural drama, part thriller and part love story, The Secret in Their Eyes unwinds in past and present times, but is never confusing and is so well executed that you’ll be quietly applauding certain breathtaking scenes. Director Campanella is no stranger to procedural dramas, having directed several episodes of Law and Order. However, incorporating more humor than one might expect, he turns that genre on its ear.

Forget the subtitles and length (127 minutes). The Secret in Their Eyes is filmmaking at its very best. This phenomenal movie holds your interest from beginning to end and should not be missed.

4 nuggets out of 4

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