Reykjavik-Rotterdam, written by Arnaldur Indriðason and Óskar Jónasson and directed by Jónasson, is a low-key, highly entertaining caper/thriller movie from Iceland.

Bartasar Kormakur (a dead ringer for Colin Farrell) plays Kristófer, a former petty criminal with two adorable, young sons and a devoted, hard-working wife, Íris (Lilja Nótt Þórarinsdóttir). Kristófer is struggling to walk the straight and narrow under trying financial circumstances. Unfortunately his loving wife comes with some baggage—ne’er do-well brother, Arnór (Jörundur Ragnarsson) and  former boyfriend, Steingrímur (Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson). It’s this baggage that propels the story forward.

What makes Reykjavik-Rotterdam a standout movie is the script. The dialogue is sharp and the film is injected with intelligent, sly humor throughout. It’s that humor that enables you to get you over some of the toughest scenes.

Reykjavik-Rotterdam is being developed as a vehicle for Mark Walhberg under the direction of the current star, Kormakur. That could be interesting (although I’d prefer Colin Farrell in the lead), but if the Icelandic version comes to your town, catch it first.

3 out of 4 nuggets

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