Color Me Dull—Comedic Nugget

This Sunday I was checking out the list of local best-sellers and was shocked…maybe horrified is a better word…at what I discovered. What does it say about DC that the #2 bestselling nonfiction paperback is The Official SAT Study Guide (Second Edition)? The SATs?? This is what Washington, DC, our nation’s capital is interested in? To quote John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!!” Over the years, I’ve tried to defend DC’s fashion sense when NYC and LA fashionistas refuse to believe that we wear anything but beige or one color pantsuits. But SATs. This is indefensible. Even I didn’t know DC was this dull.

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2 Responses to “Color Me Dull—Comedic Nugget”

  1. rita Says:

    What was number 1?


  2. Joan Fuchsman Says:

    Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda by Sean Hannity. Sad, isn’t it?


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