An Evening with Kevin Smith: A Bus Load of Fun

You know an evening in DC’s Sixth and I Historic Synagogue won’t be dull when Kevin Smith greets his sold-out audience’s standing ovation with “I’m living the comic’s wet dream—apparently I’m not too fat to be loved.” An Evening with Kevin Smith is the billing and it is just that. Writer/director of such cult “classics” as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma and the not so successful, Jersey Girls, Smith proves himself to be one of the most genial, self-deprecating, observant Hollywood insiders with whom one could hope to spend some time.

The evening with him is smutty, funny, filthy and highly entertaining. Smith divided the Synagogue into quadrants and invited questioners to line up behind the two microphones on each level—two on the main level and two on the balcony. Each answer was basically a 15 to 30 minute hilarious monologue. Before the questions began, he talked about how he arrived in DC…no, it wasn’t by plane but by his own bus…so as not to have to go through the “too big for the seat” thing again. That confession led to an uproarious story about the first time he used a bus to get to a gig…which leads to a story about Bear Nation and cubs and that is just the beginning. We learn that he has no plans to do a movie about his hero/idol George Carlin, with some hilarious anecdotes to go with the answer. What’s his favorite beverage? Yoohoo! Remakes are fine with him, including his own movies. He has no plans to direct a super hero movie and is film school worth it? Not necessarily.  His stories about working with his hero, Bruce Willis, are very enlightening–acting with him is fun, directing not so much

To say that Smith was generous with his time and his audience is an understatement. He seemed genuinely surprised that his fans adore him and made one woman’s evening when he used her cell phone to call her friend and wish her a happy birthday.

The Historic Synagogue seemed an unlikely venue for Smith, which he acknowledged immediately. But the Synagogue’s interior made for a cozy environment, meshed nicely with the evening’s format and certainly worked in Smith’s and the audience’s favor.

An Evening with Kevin Smith is making its way through the Northeast. If you’re a fan, it’s definitely worth your time.


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