The Exploding Girl—Movie

The Exploding Girl is a small gem of a movie with very subtle, brilliant performances by everyone involved, especially Zoe Kazan.

Written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray, The Exploding Girl is the story of Ivy (Zoe Kazan), home on break  from college with her long-time grade-school friend, Al (Mark Rendall). Ivy has epilepsy and is trying to balance the life and emotions of a typical college girl with a disease that requires monitoring and cautiousness…words not normally associated with girls in their late teens.

The Exploding Girl just has that real feeling of  what happens during a typical college break at home. The characters seem like people you knew or know from college. They are solidly middle-class New Yorkers, not the New Yorkers we’ve come  to expect from the big and little screen. Filmed entirely in New York City,  this is not Gossip Girl’s New York, where college and high school students wear clothes off the pages of Vogue and are spotted in bars, martinis in hand. Ivy wears clothes most likely from H&M, parties in lofts, drinks beer out of the bottle and has the occasional “smoke.”

Although The Exploding Girl moves at a fairly slow pace, your interest in Ivy is so overwhelming, you never think about the clock. No special effects, The Exploding Girl is riveting nevertheless.

3 nuggets out of 4


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