Repo Men—Movie

Repo Men, directed by Miguel Sapochnik, screenplay by Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner, based on Garcia’s novel, “The Repossession Mambo” is gory, fun schlock with an interesting premise.

Repo Men’s setting is the future in an unnamed city. Human organ transplants are hard to come by so mechanical organ transplants are the rage. Unfortunately folks have these transplants and “forget” they are not free. When they fall behind on payments, they are paid a visit by the repo men, to repossess the transplants and the end results are not happy ones.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are the said repo men (Remy and Jake respectively) and Liev Schreiber (Frank) is their boss. Friends since childhood, the two repo men go at their job with a great deal of relish, but Remy, in an effort to save his marriage, decides to leave the field and take a job in sales. It’s while on his last job as a repo man that things go awry and he finds himself the unwilling recipient of a mechanical organ. His “heart” no longer in his repo job, Remy can’t keep up with the payments and things go from bad to worse. As Remy remarks to Jake, “Making people die becomes second nature. Apparently it also works the other way around.” As a result the hunter becomes the hunted. And in trying to save himself, Remy gets a lot of innocent people killed.

While the acting of the three leads is good, the movie drags in spots and it is during these times I thought about the actors. Jude Law just finished playing “Hamlet” on Broadway, Liev Schreiber received raves for his recent role in Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge” and Forest Whitaker is an Academy Award winner. What are they doing in this cheese of a film? Entertaining, yes, but cheese nevertheless. Think Dexter without the smarts. These men deserve better.

2 nuggets out of 4


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