Borders: Seattle’s Best—Books/Restroom

Have to freshen up before heading into one of the nearby pubs and restaurants near Farragut Square? Need to make a “quick stop” before heading home? Just want to relax with a “not yet paid for” book or magazine? Or how about catching up on e-mail over a good cup of coffee? Head straightaway for Borders on 18th and L Street NW (official address is 1801 K Street NW).

The Farragut Square Borders has been refurbished and is now brighter and friendlier. Couches and chairs are spread out all over the store. Borders Bookstores provide Seattle’s Best coffee and free WiFi . You can set up your laptop in the large eating area or get comfy with it in private on a soft chair in one of the aisles in the book section.

No longer do you need to ask the information desk for a token to the restroom. Just head to the back of the store and go on in. The restroom is fairly clean, well-stocked and well-lit. It’s a good friend to have “just in case.”

So if you need a break during a busy day, take advantage of Borders’ friendly atmosphere. Oh, yes, you can buy books, magazines and DVD’s, too.

1801 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006  202.466.4999


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