Mazza Galleria—More Holes—Restroom

Need a visit to the restroom before boarding your bus or train at Friendship Heights? Then you’ll want to take advantage of the facilities at Mazza Galleria. However, a quick trip to the restroom on its lower level is déjà vu. It appears that the same designer for the AMC restrooms at Mazza had a hand in creating the “lovely” restroom for the entire Galleria. You’ve got it…the same holes on the sink counter for used paper towels. The difference this time…you can actually tell the holes are for garbage…one, because  they are very visible holes and two, you can actually spot the garbage cans sitting directly under the holes. The restroom itself is sort of dingy, but fully stocked. The area near the restroom is well-traveled, so one can feel relatively safe in using it.


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