Oh, No…Not My Nose—Comedic Nugget

The big news coming out of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is 3-D television. You heard right, 3D—right in your living room or god forbid, bedroom. We could be spending a lot of time with these attractive—NOT—glasses. A few thoughts…

One of the first networks to go 3-D will be ESPN. Now there are some people, men in particular, who watch ESPN non-stop. Ten hours or more is a long time to wear those heavy glasses (I’m allowing time for sleeping and working). What about the men who have to wear regular glasses just to see the screen? Now they are going to be wearing 3-D glasses on top of those glasses. That is a lot of weight on a fragile piece of flesh. Won’t there be a lot of men with huge dents on their noses…or worse still, broken noses? And what about older men, like my Dad? He’s retired and watches ESPN all day, just taking time out to sleep. His skin has already thinned with age. What harmful effects will this cause to his nose? The good news is, I suppose, that this will mean more business for plastic surgeons, who will be pressed into service to repair these noses.

And then there is the issue of the bedroom. Nothing says “I’m in the mood for love” than someone in bed wearing a pair of 3-D glasses or worse still, two pairs of glasses. On the other hand, I suppose these glasses could be the alternative to the pill.


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2 Responses to “Oh, No…Not My Nose—Comedic Nugget”

  1. Donald Mills Says:

    Nice that you’re thinking of your old dad. I’m still waiting for the damned x-ray specs they used to advertise in the back of the comic books.


  2. Joan Fuchsman Says:

    Thanks. Your blog is hysterical.


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