Comedy from AMC Mazza Galleria—Restroom

The AMC at Mazza Galleria has three restrooms–the large one near the entrance of the theater, a much smaller one past the ticket taker and a facility inside the Club area. Word of advice—use the one inside the Club area. No one knows about it—it’s clean and usually empty. You heard it here.

Now on to the large restroom. The good news—the toilets work and the stall doors lock. The bad news—the automatic flushers.  Sometimes they “turn on” at inappropriate times. Often you have to manually push the button to get the job done.

What can I say about the sink area? Sometimes I get bigger laughs from watching women trying to figure out this arrangement than I do from any comedy I might be seeing. Considering that the restroom has about five stalls, the sink area is pretty tiny with just two sinks (although there is a changing table that pulls down). The sinks come with faucets that you have to run your hands under, hoping to hit the “radar” correctly so that you get water. The paper towel dispenser  is only on one side of the sink area. There is a lot of fancy maneuvering happening so that one is able to access the towels. But the best part? The best part is watching everyone trying to figure out where to throw their used paper towels. Ladies—there’s a hole just above the right sink–that’s where you throw them. Of course there is an easy solution to this problem—installing a large trash can in addition to this hole. Perhaps the AMC can use the profits from about six sales of their large popcorn and buy said can. Problem solved. No need to thank me.

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