Young Victoria—Movie

Young Victoria, written by Julian Fellowes and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (and Sarah Ferguson as one of the producers), is a highly entertaining biopic. The film boasts a great script, interesting point of view and is terrifically acted.

Starring a fabulous Emily Blunt as Victoria, the movie follows Queen Victoria’s life from about the age of 18 into the early years of her reign and marriage. Although Victoria led a sheltered life, she was not necessarily naïve and showed a strong, assertive side against her mother, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson) and the very domineering Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong in another terrific turn as the year’s leading film villain). Initially Victoria finds a confident and mentor in Lord Melbourne (Paul Bettany), but eventually becomes her own person with her marriage to Prince Albert (Rupert Friend).

What makes the movie very compelling from a modern standpoint is the struggle Victoria has in reconciling her duties as Queen with her marriage to a very smart man in his own right, Prince Albert. It’s a struggle that I’m sure would resonate with Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Pelosi or even today’s Queen Elizabeth.

3 nuggets out of 4


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