It’s a New Smiley Face Flight—Comedic Nugget

With the latest terrorist scare, they’re taking more precautions at the airport. Personally, with no boyfriend in years and a female gynecologist, I’m hoping for real extensive, thorough body searches. This could be the closest I get to a sexual encounter in years. And will we go back to not being able to carry on board the essentials like hair gels, lip gloss, deodorant and toothpaste? Yuck…that will make for one foul flight. My solution?  Airline Wal-Mart. Think about it. Isn’t really about time for them to take over one of the airlines? Wouldn’t it be more fun to be greeted by a big smiley face than some flight attendant who probably hates her job? And instead of food they can pass out makeup and all sorts of toiletries and give us reward coupons for drugs.


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