Up in the Air—Movie

Up in the Air, co-written, directed and produced by Jason Reitman, is one of the year’s finest, and stars George Clooney (Ryan Bingham) at his absolute best. Bingham works for a firm hired by companies to fire employees rather than doing it themselves. These “terminators” do exist and take it from one who knows whereof she speaks, even if this job isn’t outsourced, the tactics employed are the same. For anyone who is unemployed or knows someone who’s been laid off, this movie hits very close to home. That said, somehow Up in the Air is highly entertaining and that is due to the screenplay and the actors.   As a man more comfortable in airports, hotels and airplanes, and lives for the number of frequent-flyer rewards he’s accumulated, George Clooney is sensational. It’s hard to imagine any other living actor who could handle this role. The part calls for an actor who can be sharp, sarcastic, hard-hearted, charming and ultimately sympathetic and Clooney pulls it off 1000 percent.  The two lead actresses are also terrific. Vera Farmiga (Alex) plays Ryan’s newly found soul mate, seemingly as carefree as he and equally obsessed with her credit and mileage cards. Anna Kendrick (Natalie) portrays the too smart for her own good rookie recently hired by Ryan’s company by suggesting that more money could be saved if the firings were done over Internet video-conferencing, rather than in person.  While not exactly a feel-good movie, Up in the Air is still a must-see.

3 ½ nuggets out of 4


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