Working Out the Kinks—Comedic Nugget

My firm just moved into a brand new building.  They’re still working out all the kinks.  Like having the elevator door open where the floor actually meets it.  I heard rumors about layoffs, but this seems like a pretty cruel way to go about them. And don’t get me started on the restrooms. I tried to leave the ladies’ room and was left holding the door handle. I was trapped in there for days with a sister…not a nun, but a sistah…and a Scientologist. We pounded on the door…nothing. We flushed in Morse code…psh…phsh…psh…no help. I got so bored, I made a sari out of toilet paper. The sistah made dookie braids out of my eyebrows. And the Scientologist signed me up for silent birth…and I’m not pregnant. And when I finally got out…I was fired for taking leave without notice.


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