I Should Take More Time—Comedic Nugget

I’ m usually in a rush on a Sunday to get my grocery shopping done. I’ve got my dirty hair in a scrungee, pajamas covered by a trench coat, torn sneakers… I literally grab my grocery cart and I’m out the door. This Sunday I pass one of those faux Trolley buses on Wisconsin Avenue, near the Cathedral. Those idiot tourists are pointing at me like I’m a gorilla in the zoo. Maybe in Nebraska, people don’t’ actually walk to the store. Some guy throws out a dollar and yells, “Hey sweetheart…go get yourself a cup of coffee!” I scream back, “I have an MBA! What do you think I am…some bag lady?” Then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and it’s the neighborhood bag lady. She says ever so sweetly, “It’s your hair.”I try to give her the dollar, but she refuses saying, “Honey, keep it – buy yourself a comb.”


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2 Responses to “I Should Take More Time—Comedic Nugget”

  1. RachaelDC Says:

    Cracked me up Joan!!!


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