Kababji Grill: M’m! M’m! Good—Restaurant

Mouth-watering Kabob has come to DuPont Circle. Kababji Grill, born in Beirut, Lebanon, serves up delicious food at inexpensive prices. You can order take-out, but if you can spare the time for a sit-down lunch, the dining experience is well worth it. The restaurant is spacious and full of light and the service attentive and friendly. When you walk in you’ll see the grilling section on the left and a full bar to the right. My friend and I shared an order of hummus served with wonderfully seasoned pita chips. She ordered the Halabi Kabab; ground lean lamb seasoned with the house-blend of spices and chopped parsley wrapped in a pita with hummus and pickles. I’m vegetarian and ordered the Portabella Mushroom Kabab which was marinated in imported extra-virgin olive oil wrapped in a pita with Romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and garlic paste. We practically licked our plates clean, the food was that good.

1351Connecticut Avenue, NW  202.822.8999  Kababji.com


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