The Doors—Comedic Nugget

I live in an apartment building that is in the midst of some refurbishing in order to make the building more attractive to potential buyers. I’m the first one to admit that I have done zero work inside my apartment…no built-ins… no remodeling… no painting…zero. So I was thinking at least having work done to the overall building would be a good thing. I was envisioning new lighting, modern lobby furniture, replacement of the linoleum floors with new carpeting…you get the idea. I was completely wrong. They have really put a lot of work in to improving the one thing I thought the least about…my door! The major focus of the refurbishing is the look of the apartment doors…new molding, new knockers and more. The outside portion of my door is the nicest thing about my apartment…it’s actually the showplace of my apartment. Should I ever sell, my door will be worth more than anything else inside my apartment. If someone were looking to rob my apartment, the door is the only thing of value. Next they are installing new door sweeps. I’m not even sure I know what that is, but soon I’ll have a new one.

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