Take Me to the Hood—Comedic Nugget

I’m in a cab coming back from the airport. We’re stopped at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Rock Creek Parkway when a car pulls up next to our cab and motions for my driver to roll down the window. A young woman asks him for directions to the “hood.” He tells her she needs to turn around and gives her a few more details. She asks him if he is sure this is the “real hood?” The “real hood?” Does DC have a “faux hood”…a hood for tourists and one natives?


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One Response to “Take Me to the Hood—Comedic Nugget”

  1. feargy Says:

    Excellent maybe she was looking for the fabled Robin and didn’t want to be fobbed off with a mere snood. I, being british and a bit middle class, rep the ‘burb’ not the hood. I also have never ‘kicked it on the street’ although I have meandered down an avenue or two.



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