Movie Restrooms: Be Very Afraid—Restroom

E-Street Cinema—this theater charges more than the AMC for the privilege of seeing independent movies. Obviously none of the money goes into maintaining the women’s restroom. To their credit, the toilets do flush…hurray! But the doors for many stalls don’t lock and many of us do like our privacy. And as for the sinks…you never know which ones will be working.

AMC Georgetown—this is a very odd theater. There are more than enough restrooms, but all are on the left side of the theater. The largest one and the first one encountered upon entering the theater needs some maintenance. All of the stalls seem to work and the doors lock, but the area never seems clean. The sinks all work and there are many of them. The hand dryers don’t always work, but do any of these ever seem to really do the job? An added bonus is the full length mirror.  The other two restrooms seem to be cleaner, albeit with fewer stalls and sinks.

Regal Cinema—this theater has an adequate number of restrooms that are well-maintained. However, the toilets come with not terribly powerful automatic flushers which don’t often do the job the first time. The same cannot be said for the dryers. They are extremely powerful and have the noise to back them up. It’s easy to imagine a small child being sucked inside.


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